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Listed below are some of the most common questions, and/or problems you may incur with constructing the Stagecoach.

   1. I can't locate the H-bar molding?  You can substute with A 2X2" OR 2X4" WOOD STRIP.

   2. I can't find part F (METAL STUCCO MOLD) used for bottom strip?  You can substitute with a small wood finish strip or screw wire securely at bottom of coop.

   3. Will the PVC hoops hold up in the sun or cold northern country?  Yes, we have not had any problems. You can also use elect. conduit if you wish.

   4. Will the Stagecoach hold up in high winds?  Extremely well designed for this problem in most parts of the country.
   5. Can I enlarge the Stagecoach to hold more chickens? Yes, you may need additional bracing, hoops, etc. You will need to apply the basic design and build accordingly.
   6. The Stagecoach doesn't look large enough to hold the amount of hens as specified? You will need to move the Stagecoach daily for fresh new ground and grass to forage and till.
      We also recommend you to free range your flock outside the Stagecoach if possible. This will allow you to house the maximum amount. If this is not possible...we recommend you to cut back
      your flock about 30%.
   7. What will the materials cost? That depends on the size and added features you intend to implement. Total cost could range from $275-$650.

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