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Garden Stagecoach stained with exterior stain!

Shipping not included in prices!

The 3'x 6' is the perfect size for the small urban garden. Allows you to raise 2 to 3 chickens with the least initial investment.

Built on the same rugged 2"x 6" treated frame as the larger Stagecoaches is the 3'x6' Garden Stagecoach. It comes with the lock-up predator free night roosting box along with the exterior egg nesting box for easy collection of eggs. Ventilation is added for those hot summer days. Starts at just $675.00

 Steel handles raise the 10" pnuematic wheels allowing you to move your Garden Coach or Stagecoach in and around your garden area or raised beds. Your small flock will love working for you daily eating those pesky bugs and working the soil at the same time. This small garden Coach or Garden Stagecoach will allow anyone to raise a few chickens regardless of your small space!