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  DIY PLANS & Kits!!




The instructional plans for the Chicken Coop Mobile Stagecoach are very detailed with excellent Diagrams and step by step guidance to construct the 3'x6', 4'x8', and 4'x10'. Material list are provided for each size. Coop Plans are designed to break down the overall construction project into very manageable small, (sub-assembly) tasks for those who have limited segments of time. Simply decide how much time you can allot that day to the building of your coop, and choose an assembly project that you can complete in that time. When each small project is completed, you can assemble them together, as a whole, when time allows. Coop Plans are designed so anyone can understand and follow with average skills. All materials used in construction of Stagecoach can be found at your local hardware or building supply stores. Material cost to build the Stagecoach will vary depending on the size and area that you live. However, you can expect a range from $275 to $475 (finishing supplies & accessories not incl). Basic tools needed are; jig saw, hammer, tape measure, square, straight edge, drill, assorted drill bits, sandpaper, crescent wrench, pliers, tin snips, box cutter, and skill saw... if you have. If you have a question ,or run into a problem, just contact us here at our website. We also have a CD avaible that compliments the instructional Coop Plans with over 140 excellent visual pictures of construction ,from framework to mounting the wheels. DIY Kits now available order below!!!

Stage 1 DIY Kit   Will build all  3'x 6', 4'x 8' and 4'x10' Stagecoaches
Comes with all hinges, Catches, fasteners, And hardware to build your basic Stagecoach. Kit does not include, lumber, plywood, PVC hoops, H-BAR mold, metal bottom strips, metal roofing, wheels, wheel handles, wheel hardware or outside wire. Stage 1 kit comes with instructional plans only, no Visual CD.
$179.99 + 23.99 shipping

Stage 2  DIY Kit  Use for all sizes!


Comes with Stage 1 DIY Kit  Plus, Wheel assembly Kit:10" wheels, wheel handles (26" long 1"x 2" Metal), all wheel hardware, threaded stock, and wheel stop J bolt.
                                  Note: Order Stage 2  DIY Kit and receive Visual CD as well FREE!!
$239.99 +29.99 shipping
"New"Stage 3 Complete DIY KIT FOR 4'X8'


$799.00 + shipping (Ships to most southern states for $200.00)
Kit contains all materials  needed for the basic construction of the 4'x8' Stagecoach including egg nest box. Panels are sized with the arch already cut for you.  All the wood parts in this Kit come pre-cut. This is a complete kit. Kit does require the basic tools as specified in DIY plans. These kits come with free constructional plans, as well as the follow along visual CD with over 140 shots.
Kits do not include metal nest cover, auto feeder or waterer!  Note: These are custom built kits, please allow 3 to 5 weeks before delivery.


4x10 DIY kits just $899.00 + shipping (ships to most southern states for $230.00)



Plans  $24.99 Free shipping

Plans + visual CD $39.99 $34.99
Free shipping 

Visual CD $16.99 Free shipping

Stage 1  DIY Kit   $179.99+$23.99 Shipping

Stage 2  DIY Kit  $239.99 +29.99 Shipping
                  Our most popular Kit!

Stage 3 Complete DIY 4'x8' Kit $799.00 Pick-up price (comes unpainted)

Stage 3 Complete DIY 4'X10' Kit $899.00  Pick-up price (comes unpainted)