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Innovative Mobile Chicken Coop Solutions in Luling, TX

WHY use the Chicken Coop Mobile Stagecoach?

An Innovative Mobile Chicken Coop for Your Garden in Luling, TX

Barn red Stagecoach with solar vent



Our innovative mobile chicken coop is designed for the individual that wants to raise 3-10 chickens or more, for the benefit of fresh eggs in an organic urban landscape without worrying about harmful injections and growth hormones given to most commercially raised chickens.

By using the Chicken Coop Mobile Stagecoach to "range feed" your chickens, YOU CONTROL what your chickens consume as well as enrich your property.

Let your chickens do the work by moving your Chicken Coop Mobile Stagecoach in and around your garden to control bugs and pest before they become a problem. At the same time your organically building and enriching your soil.

The Chicken Coop Mobile Stagecoach is developed and professionally constructed for visual appeal, PREDATOR FREE as well as carefree maintenance in raising your flock. The Stagecoach withstands high winds as well.