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4'x10' UT Burnt Orange. Holds 8 chickens. $1,399.00

"Them that honour Me, I will honour"...1 Samuel 2:30    Due to time issues, Stagecoach construction orders are currently on hold! G0 Green / A fresh, new, innovated approach to predator free .....Free Range Chicken Tractors.
 Plans Still Available!!!   Get an early start constructing your new mobile coop!

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4'x10' Barn Red Stagecoach. Just $1,399.00

The Cadillac of chicken tractors!


Designed primarily for the organic urban garden and landscape! Check us out for the most innovative cutting edge Mobile Chicken Coop Tractor... for all year round use. Want to build your own? Coop Plans available!

Deluxe 4'x10' Grapevine Green Mobile Stagecoach. $1,860.00

Deluxe Stagecoach comes with:
1. Extended roost area to three feet!
2. Plastic lined roost floor for easy cleaning!
3. Auto-waterer
4. Auto-feeder
5. White tarp with straps
6. Stainless solar day/night vent
7. Radiant heater or Misting system installed (Your choice)
8. Plastic nesting tray inserts for easy cleaning!
9. Your choice of paint or stain!

You get all the above for a price of just $1,860.00  (Local pick-up only)

4'x8' Natural Stain. Holds up to 6 Chickens! Just $1,290.00

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3'x 6' garden Stagecoach
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